Saturday, February 2, 2008


Bay Hill Conservancy's first Work Day was glorious, sunny and in the mid-50's. Four happy souls enjoyed camaraderie and laughs while pruning the crepe myrtles along Rivers Edge Way, and weeding the beds located at the signs beside Snake Road. My personal apologies to Linda Grinde - I didn't give her enough time to stand upright before taking this shot! Sorry Linda!

Betty Benson, Linda Grinde, Carroll Adams and Debi Bradford worked down the eastern side of the road, pruning and weeding. Carroll took pride in placing the lighting once more in proper spots or setting them correctly. Betty and Linda weeded the eastern-most bed. Kayla Bradford and Baylee Bradford come to visit. Carroll handed out ACES informational sheets on how to prune crepe myrtles - a complete tutorial will ensue during the next Work Day.

We did NOT finish! After working an hour and a half we were very tired and "slap happy." We agreed to schedule another work day SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1:00pm - weather permitting. BYOT again, and we suggest bringing water. There are about 8 more large crepe myrtles to prune, and some finish work to do. I cannot stress enough one point of our mission - education. Every one of us have lots to share, and we all want our community to band together for the larger good. Please support your Bay Hill Conservancy.

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