Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bay Hill Marina Crape Myrtle Project

From left: Wilda Davis, Jayne Schmidt, Fritz Schmidt, Carroll Adams,
Debi Bradford, Linda Grinde, Marilyn Bachelor and Dick Bachelor

The Bay Hill Conservancy pruned Bay Hill Marina's crape myrtles Sunday, February 6th. The day was MUCH warmer than our two day stint doing the same for Rivers Edge Condominiums a year ago. Temperatures were in the mid-60's with a slight breeze coming off the water - perfect for outdoor activities. As with Rivers Edge, this Conservancy activity was scheduled to thank the marina in kind for donating their meeting room for our meetings. You'll note that Carroll isn't in any of these photos, but that's because she was taking them. Due to injury she was unable to prune but took photos, hauled limbs, and was an excellent morale booster!

The Conservancy first tackled the newer crape myrtles planted by the Tidwells along Bay Village Drive. This first task was easy, taking a minimum of time and effort.

Lined up like soldiers along Bay Village Drive Linda, Wilda, Marilyn, Dick and Fritz make short work of this task.
Dick and Marilyn Bachelor show off their pruning skills, above, while Fritz Schmidt, below, ponders the proper approach.

If we only knew what loomed before us we would have brought a case of beer. Hindsight is always 20/20.

The crape myrtles closer to the docks are an entirely different story. Wilda laughs while Jayne works. "Hey...these are bigger...and tougher!!! You've got to be kidding me!"

Debi puts her back into it. Not a very flattering pose but oh well.

Jayne and Wilda have this crape myrtle under control.

Linda and Dick concentrate on their pruning methods.
What do you think...this branch? Or this one?
Linda's working hard.

Lookin' good, Wilda.

It takes a Village...

How many more do we have to prune?

Oh, my aching back...

Remember that moment in "Jaws" when Roy Scheider saw the shark for the first time and he said "We need a bigger boat...?"
Well...we needed bigger tools...

Fritz hauls the debris...

Dick prunes yet one more crape myrtle...

Holy cow...where's the beer already? Carroll?

Thankfully, Dick brought a saw for some of the larger limbs.

Fritz takes action.

Is that the beer truck I see...?

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Good job, Dick.
The weary group stops to pose for a photo - thanks, Jim. And thanks to everyone who volunteered this lovely Sunday afternoon to help our community.
The Next Conservancy Program will be held
Sunday, March 1st
Bay Hill Marina Meeting Room
Topic: Recycling
(and maybe butterflies if we have time)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bay Hill Marina brings Recycling to the Community

Bay Hill Marina has succeeded in bringing RECYCLING to Bay Hill Village! The new Athens-Limestone Recycling Center bin is located in the parking lot of Bay Hill Marina. It's new and it's beautiful!

As you see above, this bin accepts
Plastic &
PLEASE do not leave your recyclables in plastic bags.
One plastic bag can contaminate a large amount of paper.

For more information click here:

What's Recyclable, click here: