Thursday, December 6, 2007

Birds of Bay Hill

Tree Swallows
I promised Brenda Holliman photos of birds, and then I thought....."why not put them on the blog for all to see?" Do you have some neat-o Bay Hill Birding (or anything) photos that you would like to share with the Conservancy? Send them to me (Debi) and I'll put them on! These are just a few of my bird pictures, and I confess not all of these are "common." The White Pelicans, Tree Swallows and Ring-Necked Seagulls were among many anamolies this birding year. The seagulls may be common actually, but I took this picture that weekend of a Million Gulls.
Carroll Adams has fantastic photos of the White Pelicans AND Bald Eagles, as they basically camped outside her front door and she was very close. I'll post her pictures next, if she grants permission. However, they are OUTSTANDING! Enjoy and send pictures!


Great Blue Heron

Ring-Billed Seagulls


Common Loon

Red Breasted Mergansers

White Pelicans and Cormorants

Monday, December 3, 2007

December Planning Session Success

The newly-formed and growing Bay Hill Conservancy met Sunday, December 2, 2pm at Rivers Edge Condominium's meeting room.

This very blogspot was discussed and new links will be added. Please send Debi links to your own web page, websites of interest, etc. if you would like them added here. Our blogspot is a growing, living thing to reflect our support of the community of Bay Hill Village. Bay Hill Village includes River Breeze Condominums, Bay Pointe Condominium, Rivers Edge Condominium, the Villas, all the waterfront homes and Bay Hill Marina. Let's not forget our live-aboards, too. Am I forgetting anyone?
Carroll Adams penned a letter and talked on the phone with Bill Lattimer, our County Commissioner, regarding trash pickup. Bottom line - the county does not offer a yard trash pick up service. He recommended we look into contracting with a particular tree service. Member discussions also involved working with local yard maintenance folks with which several members contract individually. Another option is the BFI transfer station, where they charge $7 per load. Larry & Carroll took a truckload - 10 trash bags filled with leaves - and it cost $7, to clarify. However, they do have the occasional FREE dump day. Also discussed was holding a Spring and Fall "Bay Hill Clean Up Day" - perhaps with a more creative title - and contracting for someone to haul off the entire neighborhood's yard trash. Lots of good, creative sharing occurred in this conversation.

Marilyn Bachelor updated us all on the new entrance sign project. Marilyn, Rachel Foster and Dennis Holliman have met with the contractor and Dennis has graciously "volunteered" to oversee the work and keep it on target. Also discussed was a future project - new road signs. Hey we can dream, can't we? Marilyn Bachelor ROCKS as sign committee chairman and she got High Fives all round!

We all had lots to say regarding environmental concerns. 1) Hazardous waste and what the heck to do with it, and 2) the pile of asphalt and old railroad ties north of Phase 3. We learned that piling up OLD asphalt is okay, but piling up NEW asphalt is a no-no. Also railroad ties are considered hazardous. The burning of TREATED lumber is also hazardous as chemicals within the wood causes noxious fumes all manner of bad stuff released into the air. (stop me if I get too technical...) Debi (that would be me) offered to research this issue and report back.

Then we switched to the fun stuff! The Audubon Annual Backyard Bird Count, whose link has been added to the site, is just a fun way to learn about birds in our area. Counting them is the beginning of appreciation! Carroll passed around the Audubon Endangered Bird List, upon which are listed MANY of our Bay Hill feathered friends like the red headed woodpecker.

Carroll briefly outlined the list of "Concerns" from the first session and asked for any additional concerns for the list. Remaining at Number 1 is the White Fence, but nipping its heels is the high grass and nasty looking houses in the main entrance way. Betty Harrison offered to tackle that issue.

Carroll and Debi brought up pruning the crepe myrtles along Rivers Edge Way to show our thanks and appreciation to the Board for the use of a meeting room for free. However, we must first tackle the issue of how to haul the limbs away.

Betty Harrison and Jan Perkins will co-chair the next planner, which will be a New Year Mixer sort of party thing at a place to be determined. Suggested was Bay Pointe Condominiums or the Marina as we want to share the love and meet all over Bay Hill Village - All For One and One For all - that kind of thing.

Tentative date is SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 - 10:00 AM.

The Bay Hill Conservancy members offer our THANKS to the Board and Members of Rivers Edge Condominium HOA for the use of their meeting room.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bay Hill Conservancy Begins with a Bang!

Bay Hill Conservancy was launched Sunday, November 4, 2007, 2:00 pm at Rivers Edge Condominium in Bay Hill Village. Our first program was given by Harry & Linda Wallace, owners of Little Cypress Natives Nursery in Florence, Alabama. Their program lasted about an hour, covering native trees and shrubs, with emphasis on species that would do well on our windy northern lakefront site. Fifteen of us were in attendance.

Following the Wallace's excellent presentation Bay Hill Conservancy co-founder Carroll Adams introduced the Conservancy to attendees. The informal discussion was lively and passionate, resulting in a good list of beginning projects for the Conservancy. Items include contacting our County Commissioner regarding trash pickup within Bay Hill; broken down vehicles parked at Marina; tall grass at Villas 1; keeping "sign area" weeded and planted; planting barrier grass and/or trees that compliment the area; and most importantly THE WHITE FENCE. We ALL know what that means!A website and newsletter article was discussed, as well a Tip of the Month. Debi Bradford will be writing an article with the hope of it being submitted into two local newspapers and regional magazine publications. A wonderful discussion ensued and a plan of action was created.

The next meeting will be held Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 at the same meeting room at Rivers Edge Condominium. The accommodations were perfect for this group, and are centrally located.Our sincerest thanks go to Harry and Linda Wallace of Little Cypress Natives for giving us their Sunday afternoon time on this lovely, exquisitely beautiful afternoon! Thanks as well to Rivers Edge HOA for allowing us to use their meeting room.Please note the LINK on this page to Little Cypress Natives. Go there often and buy from Harry & Linda who offer quality plants and expert advice. They're just good people, and we cannot thank them enough for their gift from their nursery of an American Beautyberry Bush to kick off our Conservancy. Thank you Harry & Linda. More to come as the Bay Hill Conservancy matures.