Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spirit Award to Villas II

Most mornings find me walking my faithful companion, Baylee, our "Berniel." (Bernese Mountain Dog meets Spaniel) We usually walk to the marina and back, with occasional side trips to the barges to sit and watch the sun rise over the eastern shore before returning home.

Baylee is always on alert for the odd dove or dog or cat or killdeer, which amuses her to no end, as does smelling each blade of grass and every shrub. For myself, I enjoy the scenery. This spring I've been delighted each morning walking the sidewalk past Villas II, and have made their houses a must for my morning "House & Garden Tour."

Villas II epitomizes all that each of us desire in a neighborhood. These neighbors have banded together and agreed to form a corridor filled with flowers and American flags. This work in progress has been a joy to watch. Our generous spring rains coaxed early blooms in abundance across the street from my house. Each house has also decorated with fun lakeside adornments that make me smile with each passing.

I sent them a note in May and asked if I could take photos of their yards to post them on our Conservancy blog. This isn't necessarily Bay Hill Conservancy educational material, granted. However, Carroll and I both feel compelled to recognize Villas II as an area that is working together to create the kind of beauty and camaraderie we all wish to see throughout this neighborhood. "It Takes A Village" is an over-used phrase, but most certainly it applies here at Bay Hill. Please take a moment to drive or stroll past Villas II and soak up the beauty that they have created. As far as the Conservancy, we just wish to recognize their efforts and give them a Virtual Spirit Award. Congratulations, Villas II!

Please enjoy these photos of the gardens and houses of those who agreed to be photographed:

Betty Harrison's villa

Wayne & Deb Bullard's villa

Brad and Tricia Bratcher's villa

Bob & Mary Radant's villa

Betty Benson's villa

There are other villas within villas II that were not recognized because permission wasn't given. My thanks to Villas II residents who allowed me to share their houses and yards with us all. Well done!