Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crepe Myrtle Fun in the Sun!

Bay Hill Conservancy members gathered at the corner of Rivers Edge Way and Conservancy Way to finish the crepe myrtle project this afternoon. For those who are new to the Conservancy, this project was our way of thanking Rivers Edge Condominium's HOA who graciously loaned us use of their conference room for our first two meetings. The sun was shining but the winds were brisk out of the north and west. My heavens, we all had our hats and hoodies yanked up over our ears to keep out the chill throughout most of the task!
Jan Perkins and Betty Benson pet the branches to soothe them after pruning

Carroll Adams gave a tutorial about "How To Prune (and not murder) a Crepe Myrtle" while Debi Bradford did a demonstration. From the middle of Rivers Edge Way Carroll, Betty Harrison and Linda Grinde headed north to work together, and Debi, Jan Perkins and Betty Benson headed south. Splitting the task made the work go smoothly and quickly.

Betty Harrison works her magic on this crepe myrtle.
Thanks for letting me take your photo, Betty!

The longer we worked the better the trees began to look. Several large branches were cut off, opening the trees thus allowing more sunlight and air flow within the canopy, promoting healthy growth. These particular crepe myrtles had never been pruned since being planted several years ago, and they were in desperate need.
Carroll Adams prunes off a dead branch

The entire event was quite fun! We laughed about petting the tree branches to soothe the cambium, and there was a rumor going around that some were talking to them as well. I wouldn't have been surprised - we all felt a kindship with these crepe myrtles and are looking forward to see them bloom this summer.

Linda Grinde attempts to weed the impossible

BUT WAIT! While the rest of us are standing upright working on trees Linda Grinde, with the help of Betty Harrison, are on hands and knees trying their hardest to weed the landscape beds in front of the Rivers Edge signs. It was indeed impossible. The beds haven't been kept up, and bermuda grass has completely taken them over. We'll have to leave that to Rivers Edge HOA to handle as they'll probably need to be completely redone. In Our Collective Humble Opinions, anyway!
Our First Bay Hill Conservancy project is over, and was a huge success! Carroll and Debi would like to thank Linda Grinde, Betty Benson, Betty Harrison and Jan Perkins for brandishing pruners and garden tools and braving the elements to thank our friends at Rivers Edge Condominiums.

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