Friday, April 18, 2008

Patty Kimm Gallery #1

The Bay Hill Conservancy is fortunate to have such talented photographes in our ranks. Patty Kimm has shared some outstanding photos from her "catbird seat" in Phase 1. Each of us have experienced glorious sights on this river system never before seen. Sunsets can be a vivid museum-quality Dutch oil painting. Sunrises have upon occasion been so crimson that for all I knew the sky was bleeding.

Storms never fail to impress us with the havoc they play on the water's surface. Just last week there were 6 foot swells washing over our decks.

Who can forget the tornado that plowed through the marina, and hurricane's Katrina and Rita? I cannot imagine the fury of those hurricanes further south, as here it was quite frightening. Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Patty. Her next set of photos will be posted soon.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Thanks for posting these, Debi. Very nice photos Patty!

Lets Plant said...

Beautiful pictures thank you!!!