Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Entrance Signs!

East Side Entrance Sign
You've no doubt noticed the new entrance signs at the corner of Bay Hill Avenue and Snake Road. These are high-quality signs, made with stone and wrought iron with a cast metal sign. As well, you may have noticed the iron and stone work at the "T" of Bay Hill Avenue and Bay Village Drive. The new entrance signs are finished, but the contractor made an error on the directional sign so it is being re-worked and is due to be installed soon.

West Side Entrance Sign

We now have appropriate signage to let family and visitors know that they've come to the right place, and it's taken a Village to accomplish this. The Bay Hill Sign Committee thanks each and every one of you who contributed personal funds so that our Village can be appropriately marked for not only friends and family, but delivery services, fire trucks, ambulances, school buses, horse-back riders, bicyclists, UFOs, or whatever and whoever needs to find us.

Direction Sign at the "T"

Oh, I know what you're thinking. Yeah, the signs are great....but the land around them looks terrible! The signs are low to the ground and there is a lot of stuff behind them competing for attention. The marina clearly overshadows the east-side sign, and the west-side sign has that house behind it. The west-side sign has other problems as well, like a row of old boxwoods between it and the street, and a light pole. Clearly, obviously, and without a doubt more work has to be done.

You will be pleased to know that several landscaping plans have been visited, and even more may be proposed. BUT NOTE - any landscaping for that area must and will wait until autumn. Why? This summer the drought is expected to continue, and that could be the death knell for any new plants put in those particular areas. Again, why? New plants required LOTS of water and attention in order to become established. The Bay Hill Conservancy has recommended the use of native plants which, when established, will require lots less maintenance. However, they must be established just like any other plant. Water is key, and the water issue will be worked out before autumn. Autumn, winter and spring rains, if we get them, are critical. Regardless, even through winter, watering has to be monitored even if we half to schlep gallon jugs of H20 in the back of our cars or golf carts and hand water each plant.

So, keep your eyes on the prize - next spring they will be Fabulous!

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