Monday, November 3, 2008

Tony & Carolyn Green Address the Conservancy

A large crowd listens intently to Tony & Carolyn Green's visions
for Bay Hill Marina

The Bay Hill Conservancy’s autumn program was enthusiastically embraced by the community. Tony and Carolyn Green, new owners of the Bay Hill Marina and Resort, Captain’s Table Restaurant and Safe Harbor Yacht Sales were overjoyed at the crowd who came to hear about their visions for the marina’s future.

Tony began by thanking attendees for their patience this summer as the purchasing process went on longer than anticipated. However, delay turned into opportunity as Tony and Carolyn were able to observe daily operations and plan changes to implement immediately upon closing. Tony emphasized that this is a village and is advertised as such and they intend to be a part of the village.

Carolyn & Tony Green

Their motto is “Service, Service and More Service,” and they are big believers in FREE. Small things make a difference. One example Tony gave is that when boaters are filling up at the marina pump the children are given free Popsicles, and boaters are given free bags of ice. This seemingly small kindness in turn creates repeat business from happy customers. The Greens believe kindness, generosity and quality service goes full circle.

Fritz & Jayne Schmidt, Bob Rolf talk to Tony before the meeting while Ed Alexander is intent on getting some of the excellent hot wings before they were all gone!

The crowd listens as Tony & Carolyn list their visions, as follows:

New computer system, including a customer card system. These cards can be used for purchases and will allow them to track sales and offer discounts at various levels of use.

WiFi is now available at the restaurant and they will be expanding it marina wide.

They plan to change one fuel pump to diesel.

Electrical currents of boaters have been inspected. Boat owners must comply with safety standards.

Captain’s Table restaurant will remain open until the end of the year, closing January & February. They are accepting orders for smoked ham or turkey for Thanksgiving, and they WILL BE OPEN and serving Thanksgiving meals. They also provide event catering.

The store on the dock will become a convenience store, ship store and boutique.

First Order of Business is to clean up the overall site. This will take some time.

Their goal is a clean EPA Certificate.

They will become a TVA Certified Green Marina.

A recycling program at the marina and a recycling system for boaters.

Marina sewer and pump-out system are currently undergoing renovations.

Replace the barrier barges with enough rip rap to create a much larger harbor.

Expand the harbor 300 feet, adding more docks that will include a golf cart accessible convenience store and restaurant.

Talk to the Village HOAs about creating a Community District, which will allow the restaurants to have a private club license.

Employing a grant writer to help them find funding for the many opportunities they envision.

Possibly leasing Limestone Park, east of the bay from the marina, acquiring a 30 year lease and convert it to a high-end RV park and add a dock at the boat ramp.

Planning “floating cottages.” These cottages will be rentals where boaters can pull up, park and stay overnight

Planning more efficient use of boat slips and dry stack, including pull up ramps for jet skis and PWC’s.

New, well-equipped pontoons and cruisers available for rental in Spring 2009.

The pool/fitness meeting room will set up as a meeting room for the Coast Guard Auxiliary and as a boater’s lounge.

Why is it people don't like to sit on the front row?
(...except brave Jim & Sue Starke)
Must go back to our school daze.
In closing, Tony and Carolyn emphasized how happy they are to be here, and how much they love the community. They looked at many marinas but kept coming back to Bay Hill Marina because of the tremendous potential they saw. Tony opened the floor for questions, which were addressed as follows:

They will offer jet ski winterizing, and other boat services.

The pool & fitness area will be secured and security cameras installed for surveillance. The HOA at Rivers Edge is also working with Tony on security issues.

A handrail will be installed at the steps leading up to the swimming pool.

Tony proposed working with the HOA’s to keep the area attractive and to maintain the roads.

When asked if the marina plans to install a boat launch ramp Tony responded that they would like to but don’t have the space to accommodate one.

Tony wants to enforce the one way street from the marina office to the restaurant.
Tony and Carolyn thanked everyone for coming and encouraged us to stay, mingle and feast upon the ample snacks and soft drinks provided by Captain’s Table Restaurant. Bottled water was provided by Carroll Adams and Debi Bradford. Beautiful autumn decorations were provided by Patty Atha.

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